Wedding day ended in riot

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THE marriage of Hugh McGeough and Jackie McCartney ended as it had begun - in violence.

The murdered couple had celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on November 25 but it’s a day they may have wanted to forget.

In fact the wedding day ended not with the throwing of a bouquet but with a police riot squad moving in to clear guests from the hotel where the reception had taken place.

The couple had been due to wed in Las Vegas in 2000 but plans had to change when Mr McGeough was refused entry to the United States.

Indeed he had bragged several different agencies had objected to his entry to the US, including the RUC at that time, the FBI, Interpol, the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Agency.

Instead the couple wed in Craigavon Civic Centre, in a day marred by brawls among guests at the hotel venue.

As the evening wore on guests began to disturb other patrons at the venue and Mr McGeough had stood up and asked those causing the bother to leave.

A hotel manager then made a similar request before a group of around ten police officers in full riot gear and two police dogs moved in to clear the room.

Outside, according to our witness, there was a virtual pitched battle between police and some of the guests.