Welcome for additional parking in Blackskull

Councillor Mark Baxter at Ballgunaghan Place.
Councillor Mark Baxter at Ballgunaghan Place.

Additional parking for Blackskull has been welcomed by DUP councillor Mark Baxter, who said it is long overdue in the village.

The confirmed works will be carried out at Ballygunaghan Place in Blackskull.

It’s been a long-running problem in the area where the exponential growth in vehicle ownership was always going to lead to issues given the lack of parking space provision when the houses were built.

Councillor Baxter said: “I have been contacted by many residents of the area over a prolonged period of time about the need for additional parking requirement at Ballygunaghan Place.

“I’m delighted that we have moved forward in this instance.

“One resident told me that when the houses were first built there was ample parking but with the advent of time many households have two and sometimes even three vehicles which wasn’t always the case this created untold problems and congestion in and around Ballygunaghan.

“There have been ongoing issues here for a period of time and after much lobbying by myself and DUP colleagues and through both David Simpson MP and Stephen Moutray MLA’s constituency offices I’m glad to report that the additional parking bays will be installed.

“I know the residents who have campaigned and lobbied and attended the various site meetings will be relieved by this announcement.”

Although it is not known exactly how many extra spaces will be available early indication is that it could be approximately nine, making the area now suitable for up to 29 vehicles.

Upper Bann MP David Simpson added: “I’m delighted the Housing Executive has seen the need and have responded to the residents wishes in Blackskull.”