Woman and child hurt in two car collision

Car collission at Silverwood
Car collission at Silverwood

A woman was hurt and two young children badly shaken after a two car collision in Lurgan.

The incident happened just at the Silverwood Service Station at lunchtime. Two vehicles, one with a mum and three children and another a taxi with a Grab-a-Cabbie sign.

A fast response ambulance car arrived quickly on the scene followed by an ambulance. Police were also quickly on the scene and redirected traffic.

The road was littered with glass and bits of vehicle bodywork.

The injured girl’s mum told the Mail she was called to look after the little boy aged 2 and a half and the little girl aged three and a half while their mum was treated by the ambulance crew.

She said the little boy had some bruises and both were badly shaken by what happened.