Woman and two children, in skidding car, crash into NI pub

A woman and two children narrowly escaped injury after their car skidded into a NI pub.

The car smashed into the side of Sally McNally’s pub at 9am this morning, causing considerable damage to at least two walls.

Damage to Sally McNally's after car smashed into a wall

Damage to Sally McNally's after car smashed into a wall

The Co Armagh pub sits close to a dangerous corner on the Markethill Road, Tandragee and is close to a crossroads.

A spokesperson for the bar said the road didn’t seem to have been gritted and the car crashed into the side of the bar.

He said they brought the woman and two children into the bar. “We kept them warm and gave them drinks until the police came,” he said. “None of them were injured but they were badly shaken.”

He explained that the wall in which the car collided was part of a  room to the bar which they used regularly.

“The wall has caved in so we have lost a room. It looks like two walls might need to be replaced. It is separate from the main bar so we can remain open but it will effect our business,” he said.

He lashed out at the high level of rates he pays each month £1,150 which he says delivers nothing. “The roads aren’t gritted. There isn’t even a street light. I have to use a private contractor to empty the bins and I have a sewage pump. I get nothing for my rates,” he said.

“It is so infuriating. Country businesses are struggling as it is,” he added.

Earlier owner Matthew Bird said on Facebook: “I know I put the pints up 10p, but I didn’t expect this as a reaction.

“Thankfully no one was hurt in the accident this morning. I will keep everyone up to date with news relating to opening hours, we will be closed today unfortunately. Keep safe on the roads everyone.”