Woman is assaulted at town bar

Male Judge Writing On Paper
Male Judge Writing On Paper

A woman who was convicted in her absence for offences aggravated by hostility still did not accept her guilt, Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last Wednesday.

Kathleen Foy (51), Woodside Green, Portadown, was found guilty of unlawful assault on a female and disorderly behaviour.

A public prosecutor said the offences were aggravated by hostility.

The court heard that on August 16, 2014, at 3pm police were called to the La Bamba bar in Thomas Street, Portadown.

The bar manager said that the defendant had behaved in a threatening manner and was shouting and swearing. The injured party feared she was going to be assaulted.

She also said that Foy made a threat to kill her and said ‘get back to your own country’ calling them foreigners and b—ds.

When she was interviewed Foy denied all matters and claimed the injured party was shouting and pointing a finger at her. She had no previous record.

Mr Gabriel Ingram, representing Foy, said the offences were still not accepted by the defendant who was convicted in her absence.

He explained that on the day the case had been dealt with she had gone to a funeral. Mr Ingram added that Foy had been a patron of the premises for some time and there have never been any difficulties previously.

He suggested that the court could consider deferring sentence to see how she was getting on with her treatment and if she could stay out of trouble.

Speaking from the dock Foy said she had asked for this treatment 19 and a half years ago and it was only happening now.

Mr Ingram said that sometimes even when on her medication she can feel ‘an episode’ coming on.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said he was going to take an unusual course in this case despite the fact of the hostility element which, he added, was at the bottom end of the scale.

He imposed a conditional discharge for 12 months on each charge.