Woman struck employee on shoulder


After she was arrested for disorderly behaviour a Lurgan woman struck a civilian employee at the police station on the shoulder, Craigavon Court heard last Friday.

Maria McConville (33) Dingwell Park was fined £250 for assault. For disorderly behaviour she was given a conditional discharge for 18 months.

The court heard that at 3.15pm on April 4 police were called to a convenience store in Taghnevan. The defendant was there and was being abusive.

Police asked her to stop but she continued to be abusive, shouting profanities at the officers.

She was arrested and as she was being placed in the cell she struck a civilian employee on the shoulder.

Solicitor Conor Downey said his client was now in a lot more positive frame of mind.

He explained that she could remember very little about the incident and suffered from chronic abuse of alcohol.

Mr Downey added that she came from a well respected family in the Lurgan area and there was strong support for her through the family network.