Work on former school site in Bleary welcomed by Simpson

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The regeneration of the former primary school site in Bleary has been welcomed by local MP David Simpson.

Congratulating Craigavon Borough Council on the work: “This is a site I have, since being elected to politics some 15 years ago, taken a keen interest in and have on every occasion supported and lobbied to have it regenerated.

“In my time on Council there were those who wanted to sell the site off, there were those who wanted to forget about this site but ultimately we had the tenacity to see this project through and to bide time until money became available through funding to see this site transformed for community use.

“This site I believe will be an incubation site for new and innovative business start-ups, the new playgroup/pre-school facilities are state of the art and will undoubtedly enhance and improve the current pre-school facilities in the Bleary Area giving children a fantastic opportunity to learn through play at the earliest possible age.

“Council particularly the development department must be commended for their efforts in this regard.”

Mr Simpson was joined on a site inspection by central Councillors Tinsley, Smith and DUP Group Leader Councillor Lockhart.

Cllr Mark Baxter, Chair of the Development Department said: “This is a superb facility and I am delighted as Chair of the Committee to have seen this process through.

“It is a fantastic facility and one that I know will benefit the entire Bleary area.

“Bleary for too long has been a forgotten land. I believe this facility will improve, and enhance its community provision, and will become a hub and hive of activity going forward with space which can be utilised by the local community.

“This has been an investment of over £400,000 in an area on no provision.”