Workers Party candidate withdraws from election

Damien Harte Upper Bann.jpg
Damien Harte Upper Bann.jpg

A Workers Party representative who was standing for election in Upper Bann has withdrawn his candidacy.

Damien Harte issued a statement saying he was bowing out of the running due to ‘personal reasons’.

Mr Harte did not lodge his nomination papers yesterday (Tuesday).

He said: “I am deeply disappointed that I will not be standing as a candidate for the Workers Party in next month’s elections.

“We had started our campaign a number of weeks ago and I have already canvassed several parts of the constituency. A number of my election posters have also gone up in the main towns”, he said.

“Unfortunately I had to withdraw from the race at the last moment and that did not give enough time for the Party to nominate an alternative candidate.

“I would like to thank all those who have helped me to date and to those who have passed on their good wishes. I would now urge Party supporters in Upper Bann to give their support to any candidates who demonstrate a commitment to a socialist, secular and anti-sectarian society”, Damien concluded.