Wounded dogs spark cruelty probe

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North Lurgan residents were horrified after four dogs were found in Garland Avenue badly injured with open wounds, sparking an animal cruelty probe.

Residents reported hearing deafening screeches from the back yard of a property on Friday afternoon as the dogs, three Padderdales and a Lakeland Terrier, appeared to be attacking each other.

Several attempts were made to contact the council’s dog warden who said they were not responsible and referred the matter to the animal welfare officer in Armagh.

The dogs became free and residents were shocked at the canines’ conditions.

One dog had severe bite marks to her ears with blood gushing profusely from one injury in particular.

Another dog had its hind legs ripped raw and bloodied.

A resident reported that the third was barely able to walk with both hind legs weak and battered.

Police spoke to the owners. The council confirmed the animal welfare officer has contacted the PSNI and an investigation is ongoing.

Residents had complained over the past month about dogs barking incessantly as well as urine and faeces streaming from the back door of the property and down the alley into Albert Street.

A council spokesperson confirmed Environmental Health had received complaints about dog excrement/urine being washed out from the rear yard of a property in Garland Avenue, into a shared alleyway and is investigating.

“Further enforcement action may be considered.”

The spokesperson also said the Animal Welfare Officer for Craigavon had been contacted on June 6 and the complaint about the dogs in Garland Avenue was logged as a ‘Grade 3’ priority.

The officer was also contacted on June 7 and told there were four dogs attacking and fighting each other at the Garland Avenue address. Further calls were received but ‘the Animal Welfare Officer was out on another priority one case at this time and was unable to attend the scene’.

The PSNI said: “When officers arrived the four dogs had been removed to another address. The dogs had sustained puncture wounds.” A spokesperson added a report is to be forwarded to the Animal Welfare Manager.