Action needs to be taken against ‘green menace’ ivy

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FROM David McDonald

My name is David McDonald and I grew up and lived in Lurgan for 23 years. I now reside in Canada, but do return as often as possible. I have noticed with great displeasure while traveling through the country, a scourge has developed that continues unabated.

Of course this problem has been around for many centuries, but if nothing is done about it, the results will only be too evident all across the land. I refer to that nasty green menace know as ivy. The number of trees it chokes into submission is alarming to see. I am saddened to see so much of it climbing at a fast pace much to the detriment of any growth there may be left in the tree itself.

Now, I cannot claim to be any type of expert, nor am I an arborist, however, I cannot see any good coming out of this unless action is taken. Majestic trees in Lurgan park are tended to by groundskeepers, but they do not seem to do anything about the ivy. Is ivy a protected species in the UK?

With so many unemployed, surely job creation to rid the country of this (in my opinion) menace, would benefit everyone involved and trees in general would thank generations to come for being allowed to breathe without fear of being throttled into a slow and agonizing demise.

Can the councils of every district not take the appropriate action to combat the destruction that surrounds every field and roadway and destroys trees in its wake?

It would be a joy to see a change in the landscape upon my next visit.