Brown bins would be very welcome

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IN last week’s ‘MAIL’ we reported how Craigavon Councillors want to give every ratepayer in the borough a brown bin in time for summer.

On the Lurgan Mail Facebook page we asked for your thoughts on a borough-wide brown bin roll out.

Here’s what you had to say:

Ruth Rowland commented: “I was in my house seven years and asked and asked and then a few weeks ago I said to someone I need one and they brought it round the next week from the council after asking for years.”

Louise Calvert asked: “Can I have one?”

Ciara Austin wrote: “Same here, Ruth. I’ve been asking for three years and still haven’t got one.”

Rosa Davidson said: “I’m in Belvedere and have one and would be lost without it. Most fortnights it’s easily three quarters full.”

Laura McMenamin said: “I would love one. The garden one is full.”

Karen McGeown wrote: “I live in Pinebank where there is loads of leaves every year so definitely need one.

Tracey Doran said: “I don’t have one. A survey was done a few years back and we were told we would get them. Still waiting.

Noirin Gordon commented: “I want one.”

Michaela Mount said: “I have one and find it handy but as they also contain food scraps it would need emptied every fortnight. Mine was emptied today and that’s the first time since the November 19.”

Ruth McKinley said: “I’ve had one for years. I’m in Lisburn Borough Council area.”

Mini Matier wrote: “My mum’s in Lisburn and she has one. It’s great.”

Aisling McDonald said: “I would like one. There is a collection in my area. can you get it off the council for free?”

Cat Shatwell said: “I could do with one.”

Pass Motoring commented: “I have two but council only let me use one.”

Eddie Magee said: “I want one.”

Sally Lappin said: “I use mine and the small brown kegs for food waste are a real eye opener as well. It makes you less wasteful and I have stopped buying BOGOFs just to fill my bin up and the money saved should just about cover one of our councillors lunches.”

Suzanne Beddall said: “We have a green one, a purple one and a grey one.”

Sally Lappin commented: “We have a green, blue and brown one. We line them all up. The purple one sounds like fun - doesn’t even relate to an eco colour. They will have us all colour coding our rubbish next.”

Willie Hobbs wrote: “How do you get a brown bin? I could be doing with one?

Donna Atkinson said: “I asked for one last summer and didn’t get it. It depends if you live in an area they collect I think.”

Patricia Barrett commented: “I’ve been asking for one for two years. I’ve now been told they’re not doing them in my area yet.”

Georgina Ripley wrote: “We have them and they are a Godsend. One for garden rubbish. One for household waste and one just for paper, like boxes, etc. They are useful.”

Sara Walker said: “I had one when I lived in Portadown now I live in Craigavon with a bigger garden and don’t have one. I asked for one last year and was told I would get a compost bin for the garden instead but I am still waiting.”