Churches not beyond failings of secular world

FROM Church Observer

I was reading the Lurgan Mail as I do each week and I read about the big rift in Lurgan Presbyterian Church.

I am not surprised as there seems to be rifts in a lot churches now. I thought churches were places to worship God, and almost all who worship there are Christians.

But this does not seem to be so. There is just the same bickering and jealousy, greed, covetousness as there is on the world at large.

Some modern-day ministers seem to come in from college and are arrogant and always want their own way, and elders in general do not do the duties they were elected to do. In fact I know a church where elders were appointed and a man from another denomination asked an elder going out of church, ‘You elders take on a lot and have a big responsibility’, to which the elder replied, ‘Ah we are supposed to but we don’t bother’.

What does that tell you about how some churches are run?