Council should consider private collections

LETTER: From - Unhappy ratepayer finding it hard to see your point collection men.

After reading the waffle lately about the overworked, stressed out binmen I think it’s time the council considered putting bin collections out to private tender.

Several cross channel councils have gone to private collections and have admitted they are much better off financially and have a more satisfied ratepayer.

I have family living in England and they went to private collections. My family says: better collection times and no funny time off at minor holidays, swapping days etc.

Another thing to mention about Craigavon collections. They insist that householders leave bins as a specific point but when they empty the bin they leave it laying in the street almost 30/50 metres away - not at the specific point. Do rules only apply to the householder?

Lastly they don’t seem to understand that it’s the ratepayers who keep them in a job, not the council.

Lads think about it. You have got a job, unlike others.