‘Daylight robbery’ claim by shoppers

HERE’S what you had to say on our Facebook page about the news that HMV had gone into administration and in particular the fact that vouchers weren’t redeemable.

Stephen McNally posted: “It was on the cards. They couldn’t compete with online music sales. Terrible selection of music they stocked and they never supported the local music scene. Sad to see the job losses though.”

Sonya McConaghy said: “Why were people buying vouchers from HMV when everyone knows that CDs are mostly on their way out and have been for years?”

Sonya Rainer wrote: “I think it’s a disgrace. Until the doors of the store close the vouchers should be redeemable. People paid hard earned money for them. Not their fault the store is not surviving.”

Tucker Larkham posted: “It’s totally unacceptable for a high street chain as big as HMV to be allowed to get away with ‘daylight robbery’. The punters who worked hard for that money to buy vouchers should be allowed to use them either online or until the shutters of the store closes.”

Colin Courtney said: “Having lost out on £250 worth of vouchers I got over Christmas for Jessops, I’m only glad I got my HMV voucher redeemed yesterday (Monday) before they went the same way. Had an awful feeling that would happen. Feel so sorry for those losing their jobs.”

Mairead Toner wrote: “My wee boy got one for Christmas. As long as the stores are open the vouchers / gift cards should be redeemable. It is a disgrace that money is in their tills they are trading so we should be able to get our goods.”

Hazel Sharkey Hendron said: “My daughter has one that she now won’t be able to use. She’ll be gutted when I tell her she has ‘lost’ that money.”

Stephen Fagan stated: “If I had a £100 quid voucher for HMV, I’d get £100 quid’s worth of stuff, bring it to the counter, let them scan it, throw down the voucher and walk out. It’s paid for.”

Helen McAlister commented: “I really don’t understand this legal loophole when a business goes into administration that vouchers are no longer valid. It’s complete nonsense.”