Delighted at Unionist party co-operation

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FROM David Martin, District Master, Lurgan District LOL No 6.

An open letter to Alderman S. Moutray and Councillor K. Twyble.

At the regular quarterly meeting of Lurgan District LOL No 6, the current unrest and protests was discussed at length.

The members agreed that they were greatly encouraged at the decision of Craigavon Borough Council to review the current policy on flying the Union flag within the borough.

In particular, they were delighted that both Unionist parties on Craigavon council had joined forces to ensure that the motion was carried, with no dissenting voices on either side.

We trust this spirit of co-operation between the two parties will continue in the months ahead, and we would urge you, as party group leaders on Craigavon council, to do all in your power to ensure that good relations between all Unionists is paramount.