Dog story gets strong reaction on textline

I keep my dogs on a lead at all times in the park. I know people who have no control over these wee yappy things who run round everywhere and have the cheek to say that my dogs would kill someone after I give off for them running round mine. Gets on my nerves.

I walk my dog in the park every day and I would say most of the dog owners keep their dogs under control. Some of the tandem riders need to take more care I have seen them come close to some women who did not hear them come up behind them and had a difficulty in moving out of the way, also young children playing will run from one area to another crossing the path of all cyclists. May I also say there seems to be a lot of cars now in the park why is this?

Another incident with a loose dog in Lurgan Park what are the Council going to do about this problem, wait for someone to be killed? Cordon off part of the park where dogs can run loose and the rest of the park they must be on leads or they will receive on the spot fines. It was my father who was injured last year riding a tandem and was hospitalised and on discharge received nursing care for five weeks until he was able to attend the doctors. My family are very upset this has happened again and wouldn’t wish anyone else to be injured, therefore the Council need new by-laws to deal with inconsiderate dog owners! Paula Lavery

In relation to your article regarding dogs causing further accidents in Lurgan Park, is it going to take a death before preventitive measures are enforced to deal with this issue? Two voluntary tandem cyclists have been injured within a year, more concern seems to be shown to the dogs than the injured party, this matter needs urgently addressed. Dolores Lavery

Another loose dog causes an accident where the lady was injured suffering cuts and abrasions, why does Craigavon Borough Council not enforce that dogs be kept on leads in public parks, other Councils do this, how many further incidents have to occur, does a life have to be lost before the Council deal with this matter?

Well done to the ‘MAIL’ for highlighting the issue of loose dogs in the park.