Driver should know the Highway Code

FROM Pamela, Aghagallon

I wish to reply to an article which had appeared recently in your paper. It was entitled “Horses should not be allowed on main roads”.

I was incensed to read that any driver could show so little consideration for another road user, especially one riding and another accompanying a horse that they would deem it appropriate to speed past at 50mph.

Perhaps this driver should be advised to consult a copy of the Highway Code which contains a section referring to “road users requiring extra care”. It clearly states with reference to horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles that “drivers should pass wide and slowly and that they look out for and heed signals which request them to slow down or stop”. This would have been why the lady in question was waving at teh driver that Sunday! The driver might also be advised that on the Gilford Road there is a road sign warning that they may meet accompanied horses or ponies.

As a horse rider myself, I have unfortunately experienced first hand inconsiderate drivers who somehow feel they are the only ones entitled to be on the road.

However, many do show consideration which is always greatly appreciated. Perhaps our roads would be safer if everyone showed more care and consideration for each other!