Effort must be made to tackle crime

FROM:- Vox Waringstoiwn (name and address supplied).

No right thinking person in Waringstown and, indeed any other village, town or city in Northern Ireland, could have read the article on the tying of a firework to a cat during Halloween without feeling utter disgust for the perpetrators of this action.

Whilst this group is small in number and well known to the PSNI, they continue to create havoc throughout the village especially affecting the elderly and the more vulnerable in our community.

It is very apparent that their mindsets give the impression that they do not have to give anything back to society and that they are quite comfortable to retain a position that is not too high on the food chain, but where are their parents? Do they not see their offspring, both male and female, hanging about the Churches and Church Halls, deliberately trying to break windows and fitments? Do they not care about their underage son or daughter smelling of alcohol or acting strangely due to possible drug misuse and have they no concerns about children of a very young age associating with older youths?

It is important that crime such as this is tackled as a matter of urgency otherwise it continues to escalate and become something more sinister in the fullness of time.

Neighbourhood police teams are making a genuine effort to combat ASB but their powers are limited and they need the assistance of residents, family members, council and Social Workers - a multi agency approach.

Do the villagers of Waringstown deserve this? Absolutely. Will they get it? I have grave doubts unless the challenge is faced.