Elderly resident’s views on Taghnevan alley gating are disappointing

FROM Aiden Lavery, Centre Manager, on behalf of Taghnevan Community Development Association.

Taghnevan Community Development Association (TCDA) was disappointed to note the comments of the elderly male resident in your recent article (December 6) about an incident in Taghnevan.

The issue of alley gating is complicated and subject to available funds. TCDA works closely with all the relevant agencies to resolve any difficulties in the area. On March 21, 2012 an estate inspection was carried out with representatives from NIHE, PSNI, SCNI and street lighting in attendance. Twenty-two issues ranging from damaged fencing to weed removal were identified and all but seven of these have been dealt with.

A similar inspection was again carried out on November 16, 2012 and again 22 items have been noted. These have been referred to the relevant agencies and will be followed up after Christmas. All of the above agencies, Craigavon Borough Council and local elected representatives also meet with residents of Dingwell Park, Monbrief Walk and Killough Gardens every six weeks and with Manor Park and Drive residents every three months in an effort to address concerns.

We make every effort to communicate with the residents of Taghnevan via a quarterly newsletter and represent the community at local and regional housing meetings.

Anyone in the area can contact TCDA at the Youth and Community Centre on 3832 4989, NIHE on 3831 5547 or PSNI on 08456 008 000 and your call will be acknowledged.