Exciting times await so let’s show each other some respect

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FROM E.Johns

The recent poll by Spotlight here in Northern Ireland clearly highlights that over 75% of people would choose to remain within the United Kingdom.

Ultimately we share this part of land and we all deserve to show each other respect. The Good Friday Agreement promised the people of Northern Ireland a better, shared, respectful and tolerant future.

As we can all see with the decision of Belfast City Council to remove the Union flag and the subsequent anger and protests that have ensued, the Good Friday principles were not considered.

There are certain people in republican circles who will show little or no respect for the Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist community.

In 2013 here in Lurgan the Loyal Orders are unable to march or even walk down via the pavement to there local train station to get transport for family events etc. The police can not give assurances that they will be safe nor can they provide adequate security to protect law-abiding citizens.

Local issues like this have and must be addressed in an adult to adult manner.

As we move on together in 2013 let’s all try and show each other respect and tolerance. UK city of culture Derry/Londonderry/’Extraordainderry’ and give a warm welcome to all tourists including Mr Obama, who’s coming to Fermanagh for the G8 summit. Exciting times for our wee part of the world, don’t you think?. We have a most diverse beautiful special country for all to share and enjoy,