Glad eyesore has been removed

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FROM: Vox Waringstown

I have been reading, with considerable interest, comments made about the chip shop/coal/logs and potential car-wash enterprises at the site of the old burnt out Plough Filling Station on the main arterial route into Waringstown.

From a villager’s point of view, the removal of this business enhances the drive past immeasurably. The site was an eyesore, lying dormant for a number of years and the taking over of it by a business of this nature only added to this by having a rag, tag and bobtail set up. For instance, what hygiene facilities were in place to service this facility in general and for staff at the burger bar/chip shop?

I also understand that there are still investigations taking place into the rather unsavoury issue of counterfeit notes.

In the past, Waringstown has been commended for its pleasant village appearance and hopefully this will be regained and reinforced in the future with a strong partnership between the council and community organisations in the village. We all should welcome business and commercial ventures but in a planned and methodical manner which adds to the overall ethos of rural areas in a sympathetic manner.

I would also like to congratulate the early intervention of Councillor Jo-Anne Dobson who is a resident of the village and who realised the negative effect that this particular business was having on the village environs, vigorously campaigning on behalf of the villagers, to bring this to the attention of the appropriate authorities. Her intervention has been warmly received by the immediate residents in particular and the overall village in general. Others should note this involvement and realise that councillors have a continuing responsibility to those within their areas and not just when they are on the campaign trail!

No doubt Councillor Dobson will be around for a very long time to continue her sterling work in her area and I really hope that Ms Smith will, in future, focus on the issue rather than trying, fruitlessly, to attack someone who is actually focusing on improving the overall environment for the betterment of the village.