Horses should not be allowed on main roads

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FROM name and address supplied

I am addressing this letter, in particular, to the woman who was waving frantically at me on the side of the Gilford Road on Sunday.

I was driving along at about 50mph, on one of the national speed limit sections of the road, when this woman started waving madly from the footpath.

It turned out she was leading a horse with a child on its back.

Now, I’m sorry, but if your horse isn’t fit to be passed by a car at a legal speed then it shouldn’t be on the road at all. Horses are for fields and possibly back roads, not busy main roads. It would have been terrible if the child, or the horse, or another road user had been injured.

Horses in my opinion shouldn’t be allowed on the roads at all. They pose a serious hazard by being slow and also if they are skittish and especially if they are only being controlled by a child out on their own.

I also object to Travellers who use them to pull carts on the roads around Craigavon, though at least their horses seem unfazed by other traffic.

I would urge all drivers to be on the look-out for horses and also appeal to horse owners to stay off the road with dangerous, untrained animals.