‘How could a Christian be so unfeeling to family?’

From Bernadette Mawhinney, Craigavon,

I never thought I would feel the need to put pen to paper about something I had read in The Lurgan Mail, but when I read your article on what Rev Creane had to say on the matter of the two politicians attending the funeral of police officer Ronan Kerr, I did not feel angry just sick that a man who claims to be a Christian could be so unfeeling to a young officer’s death and also to the feelings of his poor family.

As a Catholic myself I might not agree with all the political views of the two named politicians but I respect them for showing their respect for yet another policeman who has lost his life in this country.

When Mr Kerr put on his uniform it was to help protect and serve both sides of our community. Unlike Rev Creane who used his time at the pulpit on a Sunday to bad mouth the two politicians for showing Christian respect for another human being instead of saying a prayer and giving a thought to police officer Kerr’s family.

He also took time to belittle other people’s beliefs. I take my communion every week, the wine and wafer are there to represent the blessing given at the Last Supper by Jesus. We are now approaching the most Holy time of the year for all Christian people in the community. I should remind Rev Creane OUR Lord died on the cross for all, not just a chosen few.

I also thank God that there are the likes of Rev David Creane. His opinions are out of this world a bit like Scientology.