Leaders have failed miserably

FROM Support not Condemnation.

Following another amazing chapter in Ulster’s history when we witnessed yet another surrender to republicans, with the decision to remove the Union flag from the City Hall.

It’s ironic that in the year when we have seen tremendous events to mark the Centenary of the Ulster Covenant that our Unionist political leaders have failed miserably to demonstrate courageous leadership as seen by their forefathers to ensure that our rights as British citizens is upheld.

The unionist people of Ulster have spoken because unlike our political representatives they can clearly see a republican agenda to remove all acts and trappings of Britishness from this island and in time deny us the very air that we breathe. People have gone onto the streets because they are totally frustrated at the constant appeasement to republicans by the unionist politicians who have gradually distanced themselves from grass root loyalists. Loyalists have no agenda to cause mayhem or hurt to any individual, however, they will not idly sit back and accept the unionist coalition with republicans intent on the destruction of the Union.

They should be reminded that, there would be no MLAs had it not have been for loyalists paramilitaries making a courageous decision to support peace process. However, loyalists have been deceived, their communities have lacked any of the promised so-called peace dividends and it brings into question as to what gain has there been for the years of sacrifice. There is a very clear message to sitting unionist politicians, if you’re are going to sit with and appease republicans, some of whom lead from the front in the murderous campaign of the unionist people then it’s time to move off the stage and allow others who won’t cower down to republicans to lead their people.