Letter to the editor

FROM:- JM Johnston, Principal, Lurgan Junior High School.

On behalf of Lurgan Junior High School, I would like to publicly thank the Lurgan Church Fraternal and the REACH Team for their very prompt and sensitive response to the recent tragic death of our Year 10 pupil, Daniel Lennon.

The whole school community was totally stunned by the news yet within a very short time we were aware that a large group of Christian young people were praying and giving support and comfort to family, and to many of Daniel’s close friends both within school and in the community.

As time has passed since Daniel’s death we have come to realise the sheer depth of genuine love and care that exists within the Lurgan Church Fraternal and we are indebted to those whose vision it was to promote youth leadership teams. Only time will tell the true extent and influence of their work. This team is to be commended for the work they do, the relationships they forge and their close links with the entire community.

Now that school has finished for the summer the young people should avail themselves of the ongoing work that will go on throughout the summer through the Links Project (www.linksproject.org).