Mixed views on SRC driving test scheme

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I saw the article in the Lurgan Mail about Steering 2 Success. I am proud to say that I passed my driving test first time through this scheme. It took me few times to get my theory but now, a year later, my ‘R’ plates are nearly down and my independence has increased so much. Thanks Steering 2 Success. Roseanne

I took part in Steering 2 Success scheme and continued to take lessons after the free 14. I passed my theory test, however, due to illness I had to take a break from lessons and am only going for my driving test in the next few weeks, but I’ve missed the timescale to recover the cost of it. Driving lessons are expensive and not everyone can cover the cost once the free lessons run out, plus quite a few people struggled to pass the theory which costs around £30. £30 for someone on a low income, one of the issues neighbourhood renewal addresses, is a lot especially if they aren’t confident they’ll pass, and I think that put a lot of people off going further. The employability section of the course I found to be very basic and aimed more towards young school-leavers. But the course I was on was full of people in their 30s and over, I personally found it quite patronising and of little benefit.