Noise is harmless by-product of kids having great time

FROM: Terence Gray

For decades awesome bands have been touring the UK, huge bands from all over the world, and with the odd exception, they effectively boycotted Northern Ireland stating ‘The Troubles’ as their reason for doing so.

Today Northern Ireland can boast some of the best venues indoor and out from the Odyssey Arena to the Diamond Rock bar. We are attracting huge names like The Foo Fighters, Metallica, Lady GaGa, and those who are going to be huge; Vintage Trouble and our very own Trucker Diablo and many others.

Kids in their thousands, who thankfully don’t remember The Troubles and don’t remember a time without big name bands playing here for us, attended Tennent’s Vital and behaved impeccably loving every second of what people of my generation were starved of.

That for me far outweighs any petty gripe you moaning minnies have about our kids having the time of their lives and doing you no harm while their doing it.

Hopefully the next big festival in Northern Ireland will be as successful as the last one and if the volume is too much for you, wind your gurning neck in, turn Daniel O’Donnell or the Rev William up on your record player, and be thankful that musically our wee country is finally living up to its potential and is competing with the big boys.