Parents supporting change to system

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FROM:- A Concerned Parent (name and address supplied).

I would like to make a few comments regarding the recent debate on ‘the way forward’ for education and the Dickson Plan in the South Lurgan Area.

As a parent of children who attend Craigavon Senior High School, I feel I am in a position to speak on their behalf. My heart goes out to those same pupils who have to make their way through the streets in all weathers to Lurgan JHS, through Mourneview to Lurgan Rugby Club for their PE lessons. They are like ‘the lost tribe that time forgot’. They are also bussed to Portadown for after school activities and have to endure sub-standard facilities! When will it ever end?

It is time for parents of these young people, past, present and future, to speak out against this as it wouldn’t be tolerated in any other town in Northern Ireland. Even the name Craigavon Senior High School is emotive and wrong! This is LURGAN, not Craigavon.

Without doubt, it is obvious to me that when the Junior High School, the Senior High School and Lurgan College need a new school, it would make economical and educational sense to build one 11-18 school in the heart of the community to serve all children and allow all to achieve their full potential.

I would also like to point out that in a much larger school our young people would have a much wider range of GCSE options to choose from. These choices and a new, modern, stimulating environment would ensure a win win situation for all.

The Dickson Plan has run its course! It is dated and old! There is no fool like an old fool!