Questions for Sinn Fein on neutrality

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FROM:- Cllr Mark Baxter, DUP.

When I responded to Cllr Johnny Mcgibbon’s comments on town centres and flags etc I pointed out that if he truly believed the principles he espoused publicly then he would apply those principles across the board. I went on to indicate that this would necessitate him applying his own publicly espoused principles to the terrorist memorial in the centre of Crossmaglen or the Irish tricolour that flies 365 days per year in the centre of Rasharkin, or the hundred other similar breaches of the principles he claims to adhere to.

And I indicated that we would be in a position to assess the completeness of his actual adherence to the principles he claimed to hold and that he had issued public statements about by simply observing what he did next.

So what did Cllr Mcgibbon do when it came to places like Crossmaglen or Rasharkin or all of the other places where nationalist/republican images adorn the centres of towns, villages etc? Well to date we can sum it up very simply in one word – silence! There has not been a single solitary word uttered by Cllr McGibbon on any of these public breaches of the principles he claims to hold. When it comes to places where nationalist/republican flags, emblems, regalia or memorials adorn town or village centres Cllr McGibbon has said nothing – nowt – nada – zero – zilch – zip.

So in the absence of any similar public commitment to the principles he claims to hold, when it would affect nationalist/republican areas, I guess we can now safely all adopt a default setting of presuming that Cllr McGibbon must have a reason for only expressing a public commitment to those principles in a partial way that excludes nationalist/ republican towns and villages.

Whatever could that reason be?