Readers’ texts

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About the Edward Street junction you said:

“Please put a roundabout in. It makes the traffic flow a lot better. Brian, Craigavon.”

About the Trasna Centre closure you said:

“The alternative services do not have the capacity to cope. What will happen is that the users will just be left to fend for themselves back in their own homes and the isolation will worsen their conditions causing readmission to inpatient mental health services.”

“It’s a disgrace Trasna house is being closed down! As a young woman who relied on it heavily in the past for its eating disorder therapists, I am appalled this important lifeline to people with mental health issues is no longer going to be available.”

About the row over the planting of a Covenant tree at the civic centre you said:

“Sinn Fein says it’s a green eco party - surely it would like to see trees planted.”