Thanks from Alliance candidates for public support during elections

FROM:- Cllr Sheila McQuaid, Harry Hamilton, Cllr Conrad Dixon and John Clelland.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Upper Bann for voting for the Alliance Party in the recent elections. We have had a great result, our Upper Bann vote is up by 400%, Sheila McQuaid returned to Banbridge Town and Conrad Dixon taking a seat in Craigavon Central. Every vote counted and you helped send a clear message that the politics of division is a thing of the past.

We don’t doubt for one minute that it has been worth it. First of all, we are proud not just of how hard we fought, but the way we fought. Our campaign was unremittingly positive and optimistic - and that’s just what Upper Bann needs and what you can expect to get from the Alliance Team.

There is much to be done to secure a peaceful and prosperous future for our community and that work must continue. The Alliance Party is committed to representing the positive politics of a shared future where the electorate is engaged with the issues of today instead of having our politics defined by the slogans, “three nationalist seats” or “ only one unionist party can win.” 

Nevertheless that’s Northern Ireland politics and it is one of the reasons why we will take the gains in our vote over this election and build on it. The substantial vote increase is a clear and graphic example that the message of the Alliance party is resonating with the voters. We will continue to work to normalize politics where people vote for something they want, not out of fear for something they don’t want.

The Alliance party will continue to campaign for real politics where we choose our leaders because of their ability to solve our problems not their ability to wave a flag. After all, that’s what this party is and has always been about, and we know that’s what you want, and what Northern Ireland needs right now too.

Lastly we would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who helped the Alliance party and the Upper Bann team in particular during the recent elections. We want to thank you for fighting and campaigning so hard. We know how hard every supporter, member and activist worked during this campaign. We could not have done it without you and we sincerely want to thank you.