Thanks from Ceara

FROM:- Dr Peter G. Cunningham MBE, principal, Ceara Special School, Lurgan.

May I through the columns of your newspaper, on behalf of the children and staff at Ceara Special School, Lurgan wish all our many friends a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

In these days where there is so much talk in educational circles of inclusion, it is gratifying to be the principal of a school that is so supported by all sections of the community, and where our very special children are so readily accepted.

A special thanks to all those generous people who have supported our school over the year. A really lovely event sponsored by the Lurgan Restore Committee took place last week at Ceara when the group ‘The Risk’ visited our children. Thank you to anyone who was associated with that event in any way.

We at Ceara are so fortunate to have the support of our local Council and all our local politicians. On behalf of our children I thank them one and all for keeping our special children in the forefront of so much of their thinking. Our local MP, Mr David Simpson, a long time friend of Ceara, once again did his annual ‘sit out’ for our children. Thank you David.

Thanks also to a group of people who work away in the background for our children - the Lurgan Group for Riding for the Disabled. Thank you for your unconditional support to our school.

A happy Christmas to everyone associated in any way with Ceara School - a Special School for Special Children. Best wishes.