Town development divides opinion

WE asked our readers on Facebook what they thought of the ongoing roadworks in town relating to the second phase of the public realm works. Here’s what you had to say...

Paul Wells - “Anything that improves the town is bound to be worth doing. Lurgan needs a mall I think though to attract more people to the town.”

Chris McSherry - “What’s it all for anyway, were the giant pavements not big enough?”

Kellie Nelson - “Such a waste of money spent on this new pavements in front of loads of empty shops.”

Denis Breen - “Fix the main problems first, like the railway crossing , but then again that would be correct thing to do , so it won’t happen.”

Stephen McNally - “It’s like building a house and starting with the roof first. The powers that be need to be brave and make decisions that encourage new businesses and help those who are trying.”

Ciaran Hyde - “Complete waste of money, get rid of traffic wardens, pay car parks and invest some money in proper business. Some of the decisions make you think the lunatics have taken over.”

John McStravick - “The only one who has any sense and does any business in the town is the flowers van that parks outside Savers and Credit Union on Fridays and Saturdays, who gets the best selling days and only pays two days’ rates. Legend!”

Paul McKnight - “They have ruined Lurgan. Shoppers aren’t prepared to pay to park and to park in the town centre is a joke. As for the traffic wardens, don’t go there. Blinded by power. It’s bad enough trying to get out of the town when there is no works but at the minute it’s brutal. Craigavon council need to show cost, why and is this the last?”

Neil Turkington - “Need to spend money on the roads more people use them. The roads are a disgrace.”

Jeff McAvoy - “I would like to know who came up with the idea of spending all this money on granite footpaths. It looks no better than concrete paving. How much is it costing anyway? Half the shops are empty, but don’t worry we have beautiful footpaths! Why don’t they spend the money attracting and supporting new businesses in the town. There are two lanes down the town, but the bus stops are not big enough to actually hold a bus. So, when they pull in everyone has to change lanes. Great design and planning by someone in an overpaid job somewhere!!

Ben Nelson - “Moan, moan, moan, moan, moan. People of Lurgan making Lurgan sound so appealing. At least our lack of shops and run down town centre is made up for by the smiles and positivity of the masses.”

Dave Hutch - “Lurgan is a wasteland you get depressed just going into it. It needs more shops in the town centre, a rate cut to improve the town centre would be better than new footpaths with less parking spaces Who is the idiot who approved it? Where are the town councillors?”

Łukasz Nowicki - “As long as people will have access to chippys they will survive in Lurgan!”