‘Toys are out of the cot’

FROM: Catholic Realist

With reference to last week’s letter from Protestant Unionist. He makes a heartfelt and well argued plea.

However he misses one point. CCMS schools are there for a reason. In past times when all was not equal, Nationalists HAD to educate themselves including a religious ethos that they hold in high regard. That action by my forefathers has give me a choice.

CCMS schools, on the whole, are among the best in the country and I want that choice for my children. Rereading the letter, I discover that he also makes a disguised sectarian remark on ‘the spectre of Sinn Fein’. They are elected representatives, and although may be regarded with suspicion in some sections of the community, at least they work at being representatives.

I suspect that the reality of Protestant Unionist’s argument is that the toys are now out of the cot.