‘UKIP is a non-racist party’

From: - Barbara Trotter, UK Independence Party Upper Bann

In response to the texter who last week who alluded to UKIP as a far right and/or fascist party I wish to enlighten this person that UKIP is a non-racist, non-sectarian party, who at any level have nothing to do with the BNP.

Furthermore, UKIP was the only party in Northern Ireland to have a black candidate running in the elections, Ade Bensen in North Down. As stated already, we welcome anyone from whatever background, colour or creed who wishes for a strong United Kingdom and withdrawal from the EU, there is not any place or will be any place for far-right extremists within UKIP politics.

As a party we propose smaller government, an end to the thousands of public sector employees being paid more than the Prime Minister – I don’t think any public sector employee should earn more than the Head of Government. I, like many other level headed people, do not think there is anything far-right at all about wanting lower taxes, less government spending and government interference, it seems perfectly reasonable to me.

We’re not for pulling out of Europe, we’re advocating leaving the EU, there is a fundamental distinction between those two things.

It is UKIP’s thinking that the UK has absolutely no future remaining part of this political union. We want to divorce ourselves from it, we want to replace that with a genuine free trade agreement and pursue a policy that is actually pro-European and positive about Europe in many ways. We’re very happy to engage, to cooperate and agree minimum standards on the environment, even on working practices: we’ll do all of those things. But we’ll do it through an elected UK parliament and government and not through a group of commissioners to whom we’ve handed all the power.

UKIP do desire to put an end to mass and uncontrolled immigration, however, we are for sustainable immigration and integration.

Over the coming years when councils cut the front line services rather than chief executives’ pay, when the Government raises taxes, but lowers expectations, and when soldiers are being sacked by e-mail whilst on duty, we will be there again to offer the UK public hope, It is my hope that when this is the case even more of the electorate will take up the offer.