We should not follow Britain on abortion laws

FROM Concerned Lurgan Citizen

There are high stakes being played for in the Republic and Northern Ireland, liberalisation of the abortion laws is seen as progressive and civilized in modern societies.

The current issue is highlighted by the apparent death of a mother who had requested an abortion in the Republic, but was refused - emotions are running high to say the least. I’m sure we all extend our sympathies to the young mother and her family.

However, as a society we should never base our laws on the lowest common denominator, looking to the UK we see that between 1968 and 2003 nearly six million legal abortions were performed in Britain. There are about 200,000 abortions in Britain each year (187,000 in England and Wales and 12,000 in Scotland). That amounts to about 550 abortions every day.

More babies have died in the abortion clinics of Britain than Jews in the Nazi death camps, a sobering thought. Why is there no outcry for the missing millions of UK citizens?

To be honest (and not politically correct) they have been replaced by low cost workers from the rest of the world, so many have disappeared that the racial make-up of the UK has been changed for ever.

Many of the new citizens bring great drive and talent, and make for a better Kingdom; but in their drive for a better country, the UK has brought about its own final solution - one I believe the Republic and Northern Ireland should pass with.