What you’re talking about on Facebook

THE debate over planning approval for a new cinema in Craigavon continued to dominate our Facebook page.

While many welcomed the cinema others were concerned it could lead to anti-social behaviour including boy racers using the car park for handbrake turns.

Darren Green said: “Good cinema long overdue.”

Sean Devlin commented: “I would rather it be Craigavon than Lurgan considering the amount of people in Lurgan that hang about on the street corners fighting every weekend and its closer to the likes of Portadown.”

Justine Devlin wrote: “I think it a good idea. Craigavon needs something like that in it. I’m in Belfast at the moment and I’m not far from a cinema and restaurants and there is never any anti-social behaviour. It’s something for people to do especially the students. They have offers on a Tuesday night in the cinema and the crowds that go are good. Nobody hangs about and carries on. It’s a must need for Craigavon. It will give a lot of people things to do rather than having to travel the whole way to Lisburn or Belfast to eat out and go to the cinema.”

Sharon Kennedy said: “People are trying to give the whole community something, even adults who want to have a night at the cinema, instead of having to travel on trains at risky times of the night, as not everyone can afford to have a car and the only way is public transport.”

Niall Devlin wrote: “Wind your necks in. All car parks are the same. I work in Tesco and the cars that speed, handbrake and all that stuff are going to do it no matter what is said or done about it. Would you rather have a place to socialise for young and old? Or would you rather your children walk about the street with the risk of running into a crowd of drunk teenagers that would do anything for a fight? Or would you rather they hang about with the wrong crowd and get influenced by the wrong people?

“Either way there will be advantages and disadvantages but if you weigh the two together I think you will find that there is more good than harm to come from the cinema being built.

“Number one, the local economy will improve; no. two more people from the local area will be no longer unemployed; three, anti-social behaviour and crime rates will drop and four, parents will feel satisfied that their children are safe if they can drop them off rather than get the train.”

Commenting on the great win for Armagh Ladies in the All Ireland Intermediate Football Championship, Anne-Marie Henderson said: “A great match. Well done, you have done Lurgan proud.”

There were several local girls involved in the victory at Croke Park including team captain Mags McAlinden.

Regarding the news that bin collections are to be changed, Denis Rush said: “I wouldn’t rely on the bin men doing anything. I’ve had my issues with them in the past and when I rang the council to complain I was punished by being put on a watch list to have my bins inspected.”

Commenting on the Lurgan Mail campaign to raise money so Jacqueline Toman could stay with her family in America, Jackie Gibson Toman said: “The biggest thank you ever to the Lurgan Mail for showing their support for our daughter Jacqueline and our grandson Justin. I know we have so, so many people to be grateful too, but I sincerely think only for the Lurgan Mail it never could have happened.”