Armagh out of zone competition


ARMAGH men’s inter zone team suffered a disappointing defeat in the second round of the Irish Championships.

Armagh won four of the six games but couldn’t manage to get ahead of a very in form North Down side.

On mat one Aidan Corrigan, Steven McCall, Nigel Uprichard and Raymond Hunter played P Campbell’s rink.

Armagh lost the first six ends who were then down 15-0 however, they won the last four ends to pull back to 8-15.

On mat two Danny McDonald, Jal Richardson, Chris Mulholland and Derek Wright played N Birch’s four.

This Armagh rink played well and at eight ends the scores were even at six shots each.

Danny’s four scored a very good four in the 10th end to win 10-7.

On mat three Alan Roberts, Chris Trainor, Kieran Trainor and Gary Culbert played R Hasting’s rink.

North Down went into a six shot lead after only two ends, however, Alan’s four hit back with scores of six, three, two and one to lead 12-6 at seven ends.

Armagh added another single and North Down two singles to make the final score in this game 13-10.

At the interval Armagh were two shots behind and hoped for a better second half.

On mat four, Sean Conroy, David Beattie, Lawrence McCarten and Terry Crawford played S Cavan’s rink.

Armagh scored two singles in the first two ends and didn’t score again until the last end.

North Down scored a three, two twos and four singles to win 11-3.

On mat five, Joe Beattie, Pat Garvey, Paul Whittle and Terry Mulholland played M Campbell’s rink.

This was a good close game with both sides playing good bowls and at six ends could not be separated at six shots each. In the last two ends Armagh scored a good four and a single to clinch this game 11-8.

On mat six, Andrew Leckey, George Crothers, Anthony Rooney and Mark Sproul played P Canning’s four. Armagh started well leading 5-0 after two ends.

Then North Down started scoring freely and at nine ends were nine shots to six in the lead, in the 10th end Andrew’s rink scored a magnificent five to win their game 11-9..