STRIKER Adam Dick has made it a trio of former Larne players joining Glenavon this summer.

The 24 year-old has joined Gary Hamilton’s side, agreeing to play for free and following former Larne team-mates Robbie White and Marc Brown, who also signed amateur deals at the club last month.

“Adam’s joined us on the same sort of deal as the other two guys who came from Larne,” Hamilton told the ‘MAIL.’

“He’s been up training with us and he’s a very talented guy. He has a lot of ability and he’s got a contract with us now so we’re going to give him a go. He definitely has ability and a sweet left foot so there is something there to work with. He can play in a couple of positions as well.”

Hamilton has also been speaking to former Glenavon youth players Liam Bagnall and Philip McGrath, who were released by their clubs Sunderland and Oldham, and has moved to ensure that if either choose to come back home, Mourneview Park will be their first port of call.

He said: “We have looked into both of those options but Bagnall is looking to try and stay in England and get another club. McGrath had been home and we had talked to him but he’s been offered a trial with a Conference side in England so he’s over there for pre-season and we’ll have to see what happens with him from there.”

Meanwhile, back in training Hamilton has been impressed with his players, including Dollingstown winger Ritchie Thompson, who has been on trial with the Lurgan Blues.

“Ritchie has come in to training and has done well. He’s a footballer and he has the right attitude so there’s definitely something there to work with,” said Hamilton.

“The young kids who have come up from the Reserves have impressed as well. Dan McGarry’s come up and has done very, very well. He certainly doesn’t look out of place at all and neither does Andy McCrory, who has been training with us as well.

“Gerard Rooney has of course come back in as well. We let him go out on loan in January because Tony Grant came in and I think Gerard’s the same mould as him. Gerard needed to get first team football too so we let him go out and now with Tony having to retire, he’s come back in fitter and stronger.”

Hamilton is confident that his new-look squad is improved on last year’s and is hoping that they can transfer their training form into good performances on the pitch once the season kicks off.

“The level in training is twice what it was last year,” he said.

“Last year we didn’t think we were too far away at times either so hopefully we can take the level of training into matches.

“Everything’s been very positive in training. It’s good to have our own players in there and there’s been no moaning or anything like that. The attitude has improved throughout the squad as the guys we’ve kept on had that good attitude and the new players have added to that.

“It’s not all about ability. It’s important to have the right attitude as well. Sometimes you’re better with players with a better attitude even if they have slightly less ability. In my previous two years at Glenavon, I’ve seen too many people who are the other way, without the right attitude.

“There’s certainly a different buzz about the place now. Hopefully it’s the start of things to come for us.”