Euro Championships for Silverwood

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FOR the first time the Mounted Games European Championships 2011 is coming to Northern Ireland – and it will be held in Lurgan.

Forty four teams from 14 European Countries will take part in the championships at the Silverwood Arena in Lurgan from August 19-21 it and is the biggest International Mounted Games competition ever held.

Countries represented include France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Luxenburg, Ireland (World Champions) as well as the home countries of England, Scotland, Wales and of course Northern Ireland

Mounted games is an equestrian discipline where riders and their ponies compete in very fast relay races. The riders require a high degree of athletic ability, good riding skills, hand-to-eye co-ordination, determination and a competitive spirit.

“It’s a very exciting spectator sport,” said NI Associated Mounted Games Organiser Carol Prime. “We hope as many people as possible will come and see just who is going to be crowned European Champions.”

Competitions start at 8am every day with the final of the Individual competition under floodlights at 10pm on Saturday, August 20, with the team finals on Sunday, August 21.

There are four Northern Ireland teams with riders picked from all over the country competing in all the classes, so bring a flag and support your national teams. The ponies love racing but will perform even better when cheered on by their supporters.

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