First win of season for brothers as fanciers move on to major events

THERE were three races last week as fanciers move into the major events of the old bird programme.

And in Corcreeney and District there was a first win of the season for the McKitterick brothers, Dick and Ernie.

Corcreeney, Bude, McKitterick Bros, 1377, J. Carson and son, 1356, G. S. McMullen, 1343, J. Carson and son, 1330, 1326, G. S. McMullen, 1301.

Corcreeney, Fermoy five bird, R. Adamson, 1482, G. S. McMullen, 1474, R. Adamson, 1438, G. S. McMullen, 1418, J. Carson and son, 1385, 1383.

In the Sennen Cove Yearling Jim Carson of Corcreeney had three birds in the places, taking 32nd open.

Corcreeney, Sennen Cove, J. Carson and son, R. Adamson, J. Carson and son, J. Carson and son, G. S. McMullen, E. McKnight.

Lurgan Social, Bude, B. McNeice and sons, 1326, E. Wright and son, 1258, B. McNeice and son, 1255, 1255, E. Wright and son, 1192, J. Douglas and son, 1181.

Fermoy Five Bird, Furphy Bros, 1483, Higginson and Johnston, 1477, 1467, 1467.

Sennen Cove Yearling, Furphy Bros, 1020, K. Henderson, 828, D. and B. Lyness, 459.

Lurgan Amateur, Bude, J. Hull and son, 1307, J. P. Nelson, 1235.

Gilford and District RPS, Sennen Cove Yearling, G. O’Down, 1052, J. Rafferty and B. Toman, 945, O. Fitzpatrick and son, 797, J. and D. Breen, 790, E. and P. Cairns Bros and Fegan, 777, T. Wilson, 724, Adamson and Anderson, 699, O. Fitzpatrick and son, 673.

Bude, June 17, J. and D. Breen, 1322, C. and R. Moffett, 1277, P. Hoy and son, 1268, J. and D. Breen, 1261, 1216, G. Wilson, 1099, P. Hoy and son, 1091.

Fermoy Five Bird, G. Hanratty and J. Mulvenna, 1436, D. Campbell, 1419, T. Greenaway, 1404, A. Fitzpatrick and A. Hyde, 1373, D. Campbell, 1368, G. O’Dowd, 1359, 1359, T. Greenaway, 1341, D. Campbell, 1335, G. O’Dowd, 1320.

Beechpark HPS, Sennen Cove Yearling, K. Downey, 900, R. Bothwell, 811, G. McEvoy, 732, Dando and Bennett, 698.

Bude, S. and J. McCullough, 1309, G. McEvoy, 1277, Dando and Bennett, 1250, D. Mawhinney and son, 1206, C. Reynolds, 1205.

Two bird club, S. and J. McCullough, 1309, D. Mawhinney and son, 1206, G. McEvoy, 1161.

Fermoy five bird, D. Mawhinney and son, 1474, 1438, G. McEvoy, 1437, C. Reynolds, 1431, K. Downey, 1430, D. Percy and son, 1411, R. Bothwell, 1389, C. Beattie, 1363.

Two bird club, D. Mawhinney and son, 1474, 1438, G. McEvoy, 1437.

In Wilton Cross HPS Maurice Wilkinson was 22nd in the open INFC, eighth Northern section, in what proved to be a stiff race from Sennen Cove.

Wilton Cross, Bude, D. Carville and son, 1354, Cooper and McGrath, 1339, T. Fitzpatrick, 1334 abcd nom, G. Douglas, 1289, 1285, C. and J. Ferris, 1284, M. Wilkinson, 1239.

Fermoy five bird, G. Douglas, 1515, D. Carville and son, 1510, 1493, C. and J. Ferris, 1480, D. Carville and son, 1478, C. and J. Ferris, 1477.

Sennen Cove Yearling, M. Wilkinson, 1057, 1004, G. Douglas, 940, M. Wilkinson, 880, G. Douglas, 807, 806, M. Wilkinson, 789.

In the Fanciers Combine the £50 nomination in the Second Talbenny race was won by G. Buckley and son, Annaghmore HPS, with a velocity of 1340.

The £50 nomination in the Fermoy comeback race was won by S. S. Cairns, Corcreeney HPS, at a velocity of 1448.

The £50 nomination in Sennen Cove Yearling was won by Buckley, Buckley and Craig, Edgarstown, with a velocity of 941.

Members are reminded that the nomination is running in this weekend’s races, Penzance and Penzance Classic, so two sets of ring numbers are needed. All three French races are competiting for the £50 nom.