A gentleman and sportsman

Ambrose Turnbull paid this tribute to Jackie Denver who died last week.

It was with great sadness that I heard last week of the passing of Jackie Denver, one of Lurgan’s great gentlemen, as well as one of her best sportsmen. Perhaps readers will remember his contribution to Glenavon’s best ever season, when they swept all before them with the following team:

Brennan, Liggett, Lyske, Masters, Mathews, Lewis, Forde, Denver, Jones, Cush, McVeigh.

On the conclusion of his football days, he turned his interest to establishing Victoria Cricket Club, along with such stalwarts like Ambrose Wilson and Albert Cunningham. Always keen to encourage young players. His enthusiasm has obviously rubbed off on past players as well, as now the Club has new stalwarts like Gerald Johnston and Terry Follis helping out every week.

Personally, I fondly remember Jackie Denver as a superb ambassador for all things within sport, and his courage following his double amputation could only be admired by all who knew him.