Academy dream

The site on the Tandragee Road which is for sale.
The site on the Tandragee Road which is for sale.

Glenavon are searching for land that will allow them to build a state-of-the-art football home for their emerging football academy.

The training pitches on the Tandragee Road, which are up for sale, are one option in this ambitious plan.

The only other option on the table is to obtain land owned by the council.

“We did have another option of Bairds Factory site, but that is now sold which leaves us with the Tandragee Road or council land,” explained Hubert Watson, chairman Glenavon Academy.

“We have to move quickly, we have to acquire the funding and land before the end of the year to give us the opportunity to apply for grants to continue the project.

“We are in talks with Craigavon Borough Council, but plan A seems to be the Tandragee Road site which is six and a half acres.

“That would be enough for car parking, two 4G pitches and a clubhouse which would include changing facilities, coffee shop and function rooms.

“It would be a facility for the whole community too. During the day it could be used for a host of community based activies for all ages.

“First, we must own the land or hold a minimum of a 21 year lease to allow to apply for funding. It would also mean the academy being seperate from the parent club to allow it to become charitable status.

“The academy hopes to have up to 180 kids playing this season, 16 teams which is amazing. However, we are homeless. We must act now.

“It’s a massive challenge but it is something which can be a winner for Glenavon Football Club and Lurgan,” concluded Hubert.