All I want for Christmas is the play says Shannon

Brendan Shannon says he is targeting a return to the pitch as an early Christmas present.

The Glenavon captain has now been out for over a year with a recurring medial ligament injury.

As he told last week’s ‘MAIL,’ Shannon was due to meet a consultant last Thursday and, following that, hopes he is finally on the road to recovery.

“I’m hoping I’ll be back playing competitively before Christmas,” he said.

“That’s my goal. I know what I’m aiming for and I’ve it all written out, week by week. He (the consultant) dry-needled the medial ligament to break up the scar tissue. Since then, I haven’t had the pain I was getting in the mornings and it’s the best I’ve felt.

“He gave me the go ahead to start a rehab. I’ve a week’s cycling to do and then I’ll start my straight line running providing the levels of pain are okay, I’ll move into multi-directional work and on from there. I’ve started the cycling and some strength and conditioning work.

“The timescale, according to the consultant, is six to eight weeks before I’m back to fitness.”