Bates seeks contract release

Guy Bates - seeking release from Glenavon contract.
Guy Bates - seeking release from Glenavon contract.

Glenavon striker Guy Bates has contacted the club from Australia to seek his release from the Lurgan Blues.

That request has been firmly rejected and he remains contracted to Glenavon until May 31, 2016.

Despite signing a two-year contract extension, Bates left Glenavon on 31st August last year to emigrate to Australia.

The 29-year-old has been playing with Adamstown Rosebud in the Northern New South Wales Premier League.

The Glenavon squad return to training on Saturday as they begin preparations for Europe.

“We were perhaps a little naive last year going into Europe so we want to be fit and ready this time around,” said manager Gary Hamilton.

“If we get a winnable draw we want to be in the best shape possible and give it a real go.”