Boss wraps ref over decisions

GARY Hamilton was once again fuming at the level of a refereeing performance after Saturday’s victory over Dungannon.

“I thought the performance of the referee was, again, disgraceful,” he said.

“If anybody wants to watch the highlights and tell me any different, that’s fair enough but in my opinion, his performance could have cost us the three points.

“People will say that we won the game and it doesn’t matter, but that’s not the point. All it took was an equaliser for them and we’d have lost points.

“At 2-1 up Dungannon’s goalkeeper should have been sent off for taking Mark Farren down. That should have been a penalty and a red card rather than a booking for Mark.

“As well as that, as you can see clear as day on TV, Guy Bates was pulled down by Jonny Montgomery. If you watch it shows that Bates went on after the foul, was about to shoot and the referee blew the whistle. So he stops a goal scoring opportunity for us and yet doesn’t send the Swifts player off. It’s beyond a joke. Some of the decisions were incredible.”

Glenavon chairman Adrian Teer said the displeasure at refereeing performances is growing and said that when the Premiership breaks away from the IFA in the summer, the topic will be one of the first to be discussed.

He said: “When the new league is on its feet in June I have no doubt that it is one of the priorities that will be looked at. That will certainly give us more autonomy and I have no doubt that the performances and assessment of referees will be high on the agenda.”

“Currently, the clubs play no part in the assessment process although there is a growing feeling among the Premiership clubs that we should be more involved, particularly as we pay the officials.

“There certainly is growing dissatisfaction at their performances.”