Fan fury at semi-final cup switch

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The decision to change the dates of the Irish Cup ties has not gone down well with fans.

Glenavon, due to take on Crusaders on Saturday, April 2, will now play the night before after the Lurgan Celtic tie with Linfield was changed to the Saturday at the same venue.

Many fans have already vented their anger via social media - some having booked the Saturday off work and at least one had booked flights for the Saturday so he could see the Lurgan Blues.

Here are some of the tweets posted once the news broke.

sarah-anne wilkie ‏@sallyanne955 not on at all if folks hv sorted days off r flights like i see someone has..

Andy Mufc27 ‏police maybe didnt like the idea of lurgan Celtic v linfield in Belfast on a Friday night

@stevieboyblue I know of load of good bluemen arnt going because of the way the ifa have handled it

‏@The_burger_man And they are right disgrace

‏@katieharvey1511 Absolutely fuming, booked of work and all for the semi final for it to be changed piss take that

@coldturkey247 I don’t mind fri night games but strange so long after draw, v. slow from IFA/ police

‏@Josh_Thornbury such a sham. You’d think it was an amateur organisation. Oh wait it maybe is.

‏@alanmccollum I have booked my flight for the Saturday morning. It has been over a fortnight since the draw. Disgrace. I’m fuming.

@Waynefowler9 Blues correct people making work arrangements etc now all to change! Disgrace

@stephanie_c_h Just shows what a joke the IFA really are!! This is the biggest balls up yet!!

‏@RJBVCC44 they have destroyed this semi final for us.

‏@JamieM132 @Glenavon_FC Disgraceful

@SpeersyFTG why can’t they have said this as the start