IFA rule Hamilton to serve two match ban, but Glenavon keep the points

Gary Hamilton celebrates scoring at Glentoran.
Gary Hamilton celebrates scoring at Glentoran.

Gary Hamilton will miss the Boxing Day derby with Portadown at Sharmock Park following the IFA ruling on Glentoran’s appeal against him playing in the 4-2 win at The Oval.

Before the game on November 8, the Irish Football Association’s disciplinary body told Glenavon that Hamilton had been sent off as a manager and not as a player.

The appeals board ruled today this was incorrect but because Glenavon were told the information “in good faith”, the result will stand.

However, Hamilton will now serve a two ban ban as a result of his red card in the game with Linfield.

The Irish Football Association Appeals Committee said, “The Board considers that, given the lack of clarity on the issue of player/manager suspensions, it was reasonable for Glenavon to request clarification. It was also reasonable for the Disciplinary Committee to provide a response. Once the response was received, Glenavon, in good faith, relied upon it. For this reason it would not be fair or just to punish Glenavon for relying upon advice given in good faith by the Disciplinary Committee.”

However, from now on the matter is very clear. “The Disciplinary Committee has agreed to undertake to review the Code and to ensure that Article 18 is properly transposed in future. In the meantime clubs should be aware that any player or official who is expelled by a red card or otherwise will be suspended for the next game. As above, if the official is also named on the team sheet as a player (and this also means substitute) then he or she will be suspended as a player for the next game and will receive any further suspension that the IFA Code allows for.”

Glenavon chairman Adrian Teer welcomed the outcome.

“At the outset we asked for clarity and at least now this grey area has been removed,” said Teer.

“We were not sure so to get clarification we asked the question. We acted in good faith and responded with what the governing body told us to do.”