Join the Volunteers Night on July 7

One of the most important factors in helping run Glenavon Football is recruiting volunteers.

This was the clear message by chairman Adrian Teer at the annual AGM.

“The club would not exist without volunteers,he said. “They work behind the scenes but play such a vital role here. I want to thank them all for their valued contributionand they are as much part of the success last season as the players and officials.

“However, we need more. We need people who can devote some spare time and their skills to come and join in.

“We are holding a Volunteers Night on July 7 and we urge people to come along and let us see what you can do. Maybe you are good with a paint brush or some other technical work. It all adds up and helps run the club.

“We want to have the club looking good for our game with Leeds United on July 30 and for the start of the season.”

The chairman said the club had been looking for a big game as part of the 125th anniversary celebrations and the Leeds game ‘fell into our lap’ with the transfer of Robbie McDaid.

“We also have a Gala Ball planned for November 14 in the Civic Centre and tickets for that are going well.”