We are missing the old Hamilton


THIS week’s anonymous Glenavon fan was far from happy at his side’s performance on Saturday.

The Blues looked toothless in their 2-0 defeat to Cliftonville and this supporter thinks that the manager needs to start performing on the pitch.

He said: “Gary Hamilton has to start looking at himself rather than other people.

“Last week Matty Burrows was taken off at half-time and this week Andrew Mitchell went off when he was contributing more than Gary was.

“He’s trying to manage as well as play and it’s not working. Once he crosses that white line, he has to be a player like everyone else. He’s trying to do two jobs and it’s having a bad impact on his performances on the pitch.

“The two coaches on the sidelines say nothing during the match. They don’t seem to be saying anything to help the players.

“The starting line-up didn’t seem to make much sense either. Eddie McCallion was up against two big strikers and Mark Haughey was playing out of position as well. Surely the coaches on the sideline could see that wasn’t working? All it needed was for those two players to be switched around but it didn’t happen.

“The whole performance on Saturday wasn’t good enough, from anyone. I don’t know where we go from there because we didn’t look to have any sort of threat.

“Gary really needs to concentrate on playing whenever he goes on to the pitch. We’re missing the old Gary Hamilton badly. It’ll certainly be good to have Guy Bates back next week.”